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  • motivlack gitarr

    March 24th, 2016

    motivlack kreugerCustom build guitar with lots of copper details built by Mazzeguitar

    motivlack väggmålning

    March 24th, 2016


    Airbrush Motivlack work in progress on a Goalie mask

    March 24th, 2016

    motivlack hockeymask

    Motivlack / Airbush Frozen car

    May 14th, 2015

    Airbrush when its really fun and for a god thing.

    This bmw i airbrushed with dinsey frozen / frost theme for some really special guys.

    these guys are driving this car to all kinds of shows and collects money for the child cancer organisation,


    Motivlack in 3d

    May 14th, 2015


    This was a nice Airbrush job i did for my god freind Morgan Svennarp.

    When you see this on the road from behind you get a really big smile on your face.

    Hope you like it

    Motivlack Airbrush work in progress

    May 14th, 2015


    Here is a picture of the work i did on the Ice Princess with Terje Aspmo.

    I had a lot of fun working with Terje on this truck for Jari Jallava.

    Hope you like my airbrush work and i will be glad to help you with your project

    motivlack-Jari Jallavas Ice Princess

    January 12th, 2015


    Truck i did airbush work with Terje Aspmo for Jari Jallava

    it finished third in nordic Trophy

    Motivlack-Latest truck with Batman

    January 12th, 2015


    Wicked Airbrush kurs

    October 15th, 2013

    Wicked airbrush kurs Basic
    Kurstid: 1 dag, kl 09-18
    Förkunskaper: Inga förkunskaper krävs. Bara ett stort intresse
    och vilja att lära sig.
    Kursmaterial som ingår: Målarunderlag, färg. fika och Lunch
    Innehåll:Utrustningslära, färglära, airbrushkontroll och figurmålning. frihandsmålning
    Det kommer även fortsättnings kurser.
    med innehåll som true fire, döskallar enkla porträtt och realistiska färg porträtt,
    och mer grafisk inriktning
    Pris: 2300:-
    Pris: 3000:- inklusive iwata airbrush spruta.

    Sista anmälnings datum 21 November observea att för att kursen skall starta behövs minst 8 deltagare.

    Anmälan görs antingen via Telefon eller via Contact länken här på sidan.

    Alla anmälningar är bindande.

    Ting Hockey Goalie show 27/4

    March 21st, 2013

    I will be attendeing the annual Goalie show 27/4 at Ting Hockey in Tingsryd.

    This year we have an offer you cant refuse.

    If you come to the show and buy a new mask from bauer pro-program you will get a gift card worth 4000skr on custom paint for your mask


    Hope to see you there